About Us

  • Shane from walking dead
    Shane from The Walking Dead saying Hi!
  • Carl from walking dead
    Carl still has 2 eyes! :)
  • Tara from True Blood
    Tara from True Blood getting some Vampire Fangs!
  • Malcolm McDowell
    Malcolm McDowell buying some Pumpkin Teeth!

The Original Pumpkin Teeth LLC.

Thank for checking out BuyPumpkinTeeth.Com  These are pretty much self explanatory, carve out a pumpkin and plug these things in for a cool new look to amaze your neighbors and trick or treaters! We have many different styles you can choose from.  Originally I thought of this idea, patented it and it has taken me over 11 years to bring to market. I have been selling these at corn mazes and pumpkin patches and various shows across the United States. We are not in at the retail level as of yet. No chain stores.. The people have been so receptive and we definitely appreciate the support!!! Thank you Mom for those Halloween parties that meant so much in my life! Recently many craftors use my Pumpkin teeth for making masks, scary teddy bears, costumes, fangs and even claws! Some folks have also carved out Watermelons, gourds, squash as well, there are a lot of creative people out there! You can contact me through this site if you would like to become a distributor of Pumpkin Teeth, also follow me on any of the provided social links !

- Bob The Vampire Bob the Vampire