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What are Pumpkin Teeth?

Thinking of new ideas on how to carve you pumpkin? Put a unique touch on your jack-o-lantern this Halloween with PUMPKIN TEETH! Impress your neighbors and trick or treaters when they come to your door step! Pumpkin Teeth are inserted into your pumpkin to add teeth instead of the traditional method of carving them out, this makes your Pumpkin 'pop' and gives it that real look that you typically dont see. Pumpkin Teeth come in white, glow-in-the-dark or 'bloody' styles. There are three different sizes to fit your pumpkins, squash or gourds. They are completely re-usable so you can decorate your pumpkins with them year after year.

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Originally, Pumpkin Teeth were invented to enhance your carved pumpkins during the Halloween season and make your Halloween display the best on the block. However, recently special effects artist, hobbyist and mask makers have discovered that pumpkin teeth can be used for things other than carving pumpkins. Few talented FX artist discovered that you can repaint and reshape pumpkin teeth and are using them to add fangs and claws to stuffed animals, masks, scary dolls and other creepy things! Check out the pictures!

Big Pumpkin

More Pictures...

Pumpkin with buck teeth
Pumpkin with braces
Pumpkin with sharp teeth
Pumpkin with glow in the dark teeth
Scary teddy
Scary Animals
Pumpkin with buckteeth thumb
Pumpkin with braces thumb
Pumpkin with sharp teeth thumb
Pumpkin with glow in the dark teeth thumb
Scary teddy bear thumb
Scary Animals thumb

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